Library Development Worker

Following a decision taken by Ealing Council to hand over a number of branch libraries to community-based organisations, Hanwell Community Library (HCL) is one of the libraries now being managed by the community.

We want our Library to be a thriving centre for literature and the arts, and a community hub where people can go when they need information and advice. The job will involve recruiting, supporting and leading a team of HCL Volunteers and working closely with the local community and partner organisations to ensure that HCL develops a range of activities and services which fully use the potential of a fantastic Carnegie building, and which are rooted in the needs of local people. Co-located within this Carnegie building is Ealing Law Centre, HCL’s parent organisation.

We are looking for someone exceptional who can help turn this vision into a reality. head up the development of the new Hanwell Community Library (HCL) which opens its doors on 23rd June 2021.

The ideal candidate must have an interest in and enthusiasm for libraries in the community;

  • a passionate commitment to the role of libraries in meeting local needs
  • the ability to think creatively and solve problems
  • networking and communication skills which enable you to build strong working relationships with volunteers, partners, the wider community and potential funders
  • an understanding of what it takes to develop effective community services
  • good organising abilities – both in terms of managing your own time, and in maintaining a rota of volunteers which ensures that all the Library’s services are properly resourced

This is an exciting period for HCL and you will be help shape HCL, develop your skills and experience at the same time.

Closing date for applications: Monday 5th July 2021.

You will be working for Ealing Law Centre, which is responsible for delivering the Hanwell Community Library. We are a well established local charity at the heart of Ealing’s advice community providing free, high quality legal advice and representation to Ealing residents; in 2018, we got an award for best non-profit legal aid provider in the country. We will be based in part of the Library building, and aim to build on the links between advice and library services to develop a thriving community hub as well as an outstanding library.

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