We are grateful to all our trustees, staff and volunteers for helping us achieve our goals.


Professor Dame Hazel Genn

Board of Trustees

Our Board of trustees/directors includes Civil Servants, professionals with expertise in accountancy, working with the Local Council and legal professionals with experience of managing legal practices and Law Centres.

Richard Gowthorpe (Trustee/ Chair)

Abigail Sayagh ( Treasurer)
Adam Partington
Jane Batalona
Kareena Talwar
Nesar Khan

Vicky Fewkes ( Director /Supervising Solicitor)

Abdi Hassan (Welfare Rights Caseworker)
Anne Fellows (Finance Officer)

Charlotte Greer (Trainee Solicitor)

Di’Mond Sharma Joseph (Head of Community Engagement & Volunteer Manager)

Hannah Holloway (Social Justice Lawyer, Housing Solicitor)

Hilton Von Herbert (Senior Immigration Caseworker)

Lalit Joshi (Head of Operations)

Lisa Da Costa (Assistant Welfare Rights Caseworker)
Razan Abdel-Razeq (Triage and Outreach Officer)

Roderick Colquhoun (Senior Welfare Rights Caseworker)

Sartaz Billing (Immigration Caseworker)

Shannon McCaffrey ( Housing & Welfare Benefits Caseworker)

Simona De Souza (Trainee Solicitor)

Allan White
Gabor Nagy
Hima Merani
Jane Batalona
Lynn Knowles
Tanya Diaz

Brunel Placements

Sana Choudhary ( Brunel Student Placement 2023-2024)

Former Brunel Annual Student Placements

Davina Ansah ( Brunel Student Placement 2022-2023)
Razan Abdel-Razeq (Brunel Student Placement- 2021-2022)
Amir Faizi (Brunel Student Placement- 2020-2021)
Ahmed Yousafi (Brunel Student Placement- 2019-2020)
Nancy Francis (Brunel Student Placement- 2019-2020)
Denis Shima (Brunel Student Placement 2018-2019)
Dannii Wise (Brunel Student Placement- 2017-2018)

Former Brunel Summer Placements

Amrita Chada (Brunel Summer Intern 2023)
Fatime Salman (Brunel Summer Intern 2023)
Zulekha Pirzada ( Brunel Summer Intern 2023)
Rojelle Clayton ( Brunel Summer Intern 2022)
Kaveena Bungle (Brunel Volunteer placement 2019-2020)
Magdalena Sztaba (Brunel Summer Intern 2019-2020)

International Student Placements

Alexandra Gougousis (Foundation for International Education, American Intern Summer March/April 2024)
Isabella Hosein ( Foundation for International Education, American Intern Summer March/April 2024)
Savannah Browne (Anglo Educational Services, American Intern – Feb/April 2024)

Allison Petkis (Anglo Educational Services, American Intern – Nov/Dec 2023)
Samantha Mills ( Foundation for International Education, American Intern Summer Nov/Dec 2023)
Marvelle D’Souza ( Foundation for International Education, American Intern Summer 2023)
Emily Smith (Foundation for International Education, American Intern Spring 2023)
Sarah Theuret (Anglo Education Services, American Intern Spring 2023)
Aleezah Adams ( (Foundation for International Education, American Intern- Nov/Dec 2022)
Norman Meso ( (Anglo Educational Services, American Intern Summer Intern 2022)
Dana Craig ( (Foundation for International Education, American Intern- 2022)
Maria Paula Alvarez (Foundation for International Education, American Intern- 2022)
Caroline Chaplin (Anglo Educational Services, American Intern 2022)
Jordan Brown (Anglo Educational Services, American Intern – 2021)
Yesha Shah (Foundation for International Education, American Intern- 2021)
Tessa Shimizu (Anglo Educational Services, American Intern – 2019)
Bria Black (Anglo Educational Services, American Intern 2018)

Current Volunteers

Allan White (May 2022- Date)
Faith Benjamin ( Feb 2023- Date)
Chaymaa Amrane (March 2024- Date)
Emma Gottlieb ( January 2024-Date)
Katie Allen (January 2024-Date)
Zohra Azizi (February 2024- Date)

Former Volunteers

Nada AlHakeem (2022)
Stella Graham (2021-2022)
Anne Hael (2018-2020) & (Assistant Welfare Rights Caseworker)
Julita Stefan (2018-2019)
Ranait Flanagan (2018-2019) & (Assistant Welfare Rights Caseworker)
Robert Bendix (2018-2019)
Alice Kidney (2017-2018)
Anastasia Giobbe (Brunel Photography volunteer 2018-2019)

Chloe Daniel ( Library Development Worker)
Amanda Groves ( Trainee Solicitor/ Solicitor)

Former Justice First Fellows

Claire Poppleton ( 2021-2023)
Syeda Afaz (2018-2020)

First Crisis Navigator 2017-2019: Nesar Khan
First Justice First Fellow-Trainee Solicitor 2018-2020: Syeda Afaz
First Triage Officer 2021-2022 Dannii Wise

I’d like to say thank you very much to you and the staffs at Ealing Law Centre for helping my case of getting a British Citizenship. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to make this happen and it’s helped me so much in progressing further and I’m now eligible to apply for a passport. Once again thank you so much.