We are a small team with limited capacity and can only take on a small number of cases.

We may only be able to offer you information about organisations and legal aid providers in the local area. For further information please contact us or visit our useful resources page.

Asylum Claims

if you are an asylum seeker who wants to make an application for asylum on the basis of having a well-founded fear of persecution or are at risk of suffering torture or inhumane or degrading treatment.

We can provide you with legal advice and assistance in applying for asylum.

We can help with preparation for your asylum interview, advise on evidence required to support your asylum claim and make written legal representations in support of your asylum claim.

If your asylum claim is unsuccessful, we may be able to provide you with representation at your appeal.

If you have exhausted all your appeal rights and need advice about making a Fresh Asylum Claim, we are able to provide advice about the possibility of making a Fresh Asylum Claim . If a Fresh Asylum Claim is advised we may be able to help make further representations to the Home Office.

Trafficking Cases (Immigration)

We can also help you with an application for Leave to Remain in the UK if you have been brought to the UK by force or by other means, such as coercion, for the purposes of prostitution or forced labour.

Domestic Violence Cases (Immigration)

If you have suffered domestic violence from your spouse who is a British Citizen or is settled in the UK, we can help you to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Human Rights Claims Relating to Private and Family Life (Article 8 ECHR)

We can advise and assist you about making an application for Leave to Remain in the UK based our right to private and family life under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

We will usually be able to assist you in making a Human Rights Claim if we are able to obtain legal aid public funding for your case. Please note that Legal Aid Funding is only granted in exceptional cases.

Challenging Immigration Decisions (Appeals and Judicial Reviews)

Where you have received a decision from the Home Office with no right of appeal to the Tribunal we can help you to challenge that decision in a higher court.

Where Cases do not Qualify for Legal Aid

Many immigration cases, including most applications for visas and extensions of leave to remain, do not qualify for legal aid.

Ealing Law Centre has limited funding from charities to help clients with their immigration problems where they do not qualify for legal aid.

If you qualify for legal aid, or one of our grant funded project we can provide legal advice, assistance. You can request advice by completing our online contact form.

Please note we have limited resources and can only take a few cases, if we are unable to help we will provide details of other organisations and solicitors who may be able be able to help.

If you would like advice please complete our contact form. Before you complete and submit this form please read our privacy notice which explains how we look after your data.