Aims & Objectives
Our aim is to relieve poverty, suffering and distress among persons resident or working within London Borough of Ealing and neighbouring Boroughs through provision of free legal advice and assistance; and the advancement of education for these persons.

Our Story
Ealing Law Centre existence today is a testimony to the determined efforts of a group of lawyers and members of the community who, in the face of adversity, worked to ensure that the London Borough of Ealing had legal services that served its community,

This determined group of individuals wanted to ensure that members of the community who were facing homelessness, poverty and were without the means had access to legal advice about their rights and entitlements. They secured a small grant of £5,000 from the London Legal Support Trust and helped to start the work we do today. We owe them all a great debt of gratitude as well as to all the volunteers, funders who have helped us to continue our work.

Ealing Law Centre provides the community rights based legal services which enable the community to exercise their rights and entitlements to housing, welfare rights and rights as migrants.

We are the only specialist legal services provider in the area providing free legal services in housing, immigration and welfare rights law. This is the story of how and why we came about.

  • In 2011, the main provider of advice services in the London Borough of Ealing, Law for All went into receivership, leaving a big hole in the availability of specialist legal advice services for vulnerable members of the community in Ealing
  • In 2012 the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO) 2012 was taking shape
  • The impact of LASPO was that many legal services available to the community in 2012 were now being taken out of scope of Legal Aid
  • Legal Aid would no longer pay for the out of scope legal advice and services
  • As a result many solicitors and service providers stopped taken on legally aided clients , and were closing their departments and their doors
  • The Community had no-one to turn to for specialist legal advice
  • There was now an ‘advice desert’ in Ealing
  • London Borough of Ealing was then and is now one of the very few London Boroughs that does not have a Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Vulnerable members of our community needed somewhere to get advice
  • Our founders began to think of how best to respond and had the idea of a Law Centre
  • This idea was supported by a small grant from the London Legal Support Trust supported this idea and our work followed
  • Ealing Law Centre opened its doors for the first time in April 2013, the very day that the government cuts to civil legal aid came into effect
  • Last year our law centre won the prestigious Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award in the category Not for Profit Agency
  • Since our doors opened we have helped over 3,400 clients
  • We are witnessing a rise in numbers of individuals who have complex vulnerabilities and are approaching us for help

I found the workshop very helpful, informative and engaging. Your presentation was excellent…. Please let me know if you have any such events in future.